Board of Education
Promoting Christian distinctiveness through excellent education in the Diocese of Rochester

RDBE Policy Statement on Staff Attendance at school


'Daily worship is at the heart of the life of a Church School. It offers regular opportunities for the school community to worship God, to share its beliefs and to reinforce its Christian values.

The Board of Education would like all teachers in its diocesan schools to support this by their attendance, although it recognises that teachers in Voluntary Controlled Schools have a statutory right of withdrawal on grounds of conscience. It does not, however, support the practice of allowing staff to be absent regularly for non-contact time, believing that it is more valuable for staff to be part of the act of worship.

Worship is an offering of all members of the community, and the involvement of adults will give this message to the pupils. Where worship is offered in groupings smaller than the whole school, it will still be important for the appropriate members of staff to worship with their pupils. In secondary schools this will probably be form tutors and in primary schools, class teachers.

In primary schools it is important that class teachers are able to follow up the teaching in the act of worship with their own class. It is also important for teachers to be involved in school worship for continuity in developing worship themes across periods of time.'