Board of Education
Promoting Christian distinctiveness through excellent education in the Diocese of Rochester


Virginia Corbyn

Hello. I’m Virginia Corbyn, the Assistant Director of Education (schools). I work with all of our church schools and academies, both primary and secondary. My role is to help them to improve their distinctiveness and effectiveness as Church of England schools. I do this through a variety of means, which bring me into contact with pupils, school staff, governors and clergy.

I primarily work in the areas of school vision and values through which our church schools are able to be both inclusive and distinctive, and also through advice and support for religious education and for collective worship. The courses which are provided by the Diocese focus on improving such things as spiritual development, worship and Religious Education. Our own Diocesan RE Syllabus being implemented from September 2017 offers primary schools tremendous support in this subject. My regular ‘RE News’ mailing alerts schools to courses, events, resources and news.

I am also the manager for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) across all of our 88 church schools and academies. The inspection process (SIAMS) enables me to see how schools are developing and to give specific developmental advice. 

A big annual event is the Church Schools Celebration run in partnership with the Cathedral Education team when Year 6 pupils come to Rochester Cathedral to celebrate the Eucharist together and to explore the cathedral. I couldn’t do all of this without my secretary, Teresa Spearink, and we are both available at the end of the telephone or email to help with your enquiries.


John Constanti

Hello. I’m John Constanti, the Assistant Director of Education (Finance) for the Board of Education. I work with all of our church schools, both Primary and Secondary. My primary role is to help Governors and Head teachers with all financial aspects and to improve and maintain the school premises, via specific funding avenues available from the Department for Children Schools and Families and the Local Authorities. I offer advice over development projects, the availability of funds, the approval process and the appointment of professional consultants required to deliver projects.

Additionally I advise over other property, legal and financial matters, Trust Funds and Charitable Status.  The key is to make contact with us at an early stage and arrange a visit so as we can discuss with you the proposals and offer realistic advice over a wide ranging aspect including available finance, planning, timescales and deliverability.

Given the funding differences between Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled schools my role has in the past been geared more towards the former category of school.  However I have noticed that in recent years more Voluntary Controlled schools have made contact for assistance with their finance and development proposals. My secretary, Teresa Spearink, and I are both available at the end of the telephone or email to help with your enquiries.