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Coaching for Leaders:

We offer coaching to headteachers and school leaders across the Diocese.  Coaching helps leaders reflect on the personal challenges of headship and work through options and ideas without giving direct advice.  It helps build confidence and growth in a safe environment and encourages headteachers and other leaders to focus on the ways forward to achieve their vision.  It is a powerful tool and is suitable for both new and experienced leaders. In fact, ALL leaders would benefit from coaching during their career.

A number of our Associate Consultants are trained coaches who have received 100% positive feedback. We have several head teachers currently undertaking coaching in a wide variety of roles and situations.

Feedback received includes the following comments:

‘The coaching that I have received as a head teacher has been invaluable’

‘The quality of coaching was excellent and helped grow inner confidence’

‘I was supported by an experienced, high quality professional with outstanding interpersonal skills’

We offer 3 free coaching sessions to all new head teachers/heads of school. Coaching for other leaders can be commissioned through Caroline Crofts our Lead Associate:

Please contact Caroline if you wish to either commission coaching support or would like further details