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OFSTED Inspections 2015-18

Our Church of England schools are regularly inspected by Ofsted to quality assure the standards of their educational provision.

At the beginning of the academic year 2015/6, 85% of our 88 Church schools across the diocese are judged by Ofsted (on the last inspection) to be 'Good' or 'Outstanding' and this percentage is improving all the time.

You can find an inspection report for any of our Church schools by searching by name and location on the Ofsted website here.

Alternatively, as our Church schools receive their new inspection under the Common Inspection Framework, their inspection reports will be available to download below, grouped under the Local Authority areas that they are located.

Kent County Council

Churchill CoE VC Primary School, Westerham - RI - 31st October 2017 - Report

Crockham Hill CoE VC Primary School, Edenbridge - Good -  6th March 2018 Short Report

Fordcombe CoE (VA) Primary School, Tunbridge Wells - Good - 10th February 2016 Report

Hever CofE (VA) Primary School, Edenbridge - 20th March 2018 - Requires Improvement Report

Hildenborough CoE (VC) Primary School, Tonbridge - Good - 14th June 2017 Short report

Holy Trinity CoE VA Primary Academy, Dartford - Good - 20th September 2017 - Report

Horton Kirby CoE Primary School, Dartford - Good - 17th March 2016 Report

Hunton CoE Primary School, Hunton - Good - 6th July 2016 Report

Platt CoE (VC) Primary School - Good - 21st October 2015 - Report

Rusthall St. Paul's CoE (VA) Primary School - Good - 29th June 2016 - Report

Seal CoE (VC) Primary School Sevenoaks - Good - 9th February 2017 - Short Report

Sedley's CoE (VA) Primary School, Southfleet - Good - 23rd November 2016 Short Report

Snodland CoE (VA) Primary School Snodland - Good 4th April 2017 Short Report

St. John's CoE VC Primary School, Tunbridge Wells - Good -  8th November 2017 Report

St. Margaret's Collier Street, CoE (VC) Primary School, Tonbridge - Good - 27 March 2017 Short Report

St. Katharine's Knockholt CoE (VA) Primary School - Good - 1st March 2017 Short Report

St Mark's CoE (VA) Primary School, Eccles - Good - 30th September 2015 - Report

St.Mark's CoE (VC) Primary School, Tunbridge Wells - Good - 7th February 2017 Short Report

St Mary's CoE (VA) Primary School, Swanley - Requires Improvement - 15th October 2015 -  Monitoring Inspection Letter

St. Mary's CoE (VA) Primary School, Swanley - Good - 26.4.17  Report

St. Matthew's High Brooms CoE (VC) Primary School, Southborough - Good - 19th July 2018 Short Report

Trottiscliffe CoE (VC) Primary School, West Malling - Good -  28.4.2017 Short Report

Wateringbury CoE VA Primary School, - RI - 4th February 2015 - Report

Wateringbury CoE VA Primry School, -  Good  - 8th November 2017 - Report

West Malling CoE VC Primary Academy School - Good - 6th November 2017 - Short Report

Wouldham All Saints CoE VC Primary School - Good - 27th November 2017 Short Report

London Borough of Bexley

Old Bexley CoE VC  Primary School Bexley, - Good - 28th February 2018 Short Report

St. Paulinus CoE VA Primary School Crayford, - Good - 17th July 2018 Short Report

Trinity CoE Secondary School, Belvedere - Good - 2nd February 2016 - Report

London Borough of Bromley

Bishop Justus CoE Secondary School, Bromley - Good - 12th April 2016 - Report

Cudham CoE Primary Academy, Westerham - Good - 11th January 2018 Short Report

St. John's CoE Primary Academy, Bromley - RI - 7th March 2017 Report

St. Nicholas CoE VA Primary School, Chislehurst - Good - 5th October 2017 - Short Report

St. Mark's CoE VA Primary Academy, Bromley - Good - 3rd November 2017 - Short Report

St. Paul's CoE Primary School Bromley - RI - 30th June 2016 - Report

St. Paul's Cray CoE Primary School Bromley 3rd May 2017 Monitoring letter

Trinity CoE VC Primary School Bromley - Good - 27th September 2017 - Report

Medway Council

St Helen's CoE (VC) Primary School, Cliffe - Good - 25th November 2015 - Report 

St. James' CoE Primary Academy Isle of Grain - Good - 23rd January 2018 Report

St. Mary's Island CoE (VA) Primary School Chatham - Good - 4th April 2018 Short Report