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Rochester Diocesan Family of Schools (RDFS)

What is the Rochester Diocesan Family of Schools?

The Rochester Diocesan Family of Schools (R.D.F.S) was launched in September 2011 by the Diocesan Board of Education along with a new Diocesan Affiliation Scheme designed for community schools, independent schools and academies.

The ‘Diocesan Family of Schools’ concept was introduced in response to a new period of education reform which began eighteen months ago and has already had a number of significant implications for our Church schools and academies.

The idea that all the Church of England Schools in the Diocese form a ‘family’ is one which has been around for a long time. It evokes the idea that the Diocese and our Church schools have a special relationship which is born out of our shared foundation and ethos and which is different from the partnerships our schools enjoy with other schools and organisations.

At the heart of the RDFS sits the ‘Diocesan Schools’ Forum’, a representative group of Church Schools and Governors who work with the Board of Education to promote a deeper sense of co-operation and interdependence between our schools and help to create and offer opportunities for all our Church schools to share their resources, expertise and insights and also help schools when they need support.