Board of Education
Promoting Christian distinctiveness through excellent education in the Diocese of Rochester

Diocesan Strategic Partnership (DSP)

On 1st June 2015, the Diocesan Board of Education approved the formation of a ‘Diocesan Strategic Partnership’ (DSP), comprised of representatives of the school-led Church of England Multi-Academy Trusts which operate and sponsor Church schools across the diocese.

Current membership of the DSP is open to representatives of any Church of England Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) who has the capacity and desire to sponsor Church of England schools in the diocese or provide expertise and capacity in submitting bids for new Free Schools.

Current members include:

  • The Aquinas Church of England Education Trust (Bromley)
  • Alethiea Anglican Academies Trust (Gravesend & Dartford)
  • Trinitas Multi-Academy Trust (Bexley)
  • Tenax Multi-Academy Trust (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Amadeus Primary Academies Trust (Bexley)
  • Medway Anglican Schools Trust (MAST)
  • The Pilgrim Trust (Medway)

The DSP meets once a term to review the current position in relation to the sponsorship of academies and new schools.

This new group will work closely with the Diocesan Director of Education (DDE) and other DBE officers to act as a conduit between the Department of Education (DfE) and the Regional Schools Commissioner for the South-East and South London (SESL) region to support the co-ordinated approach to sponsorship of Church schools across the diocese.

The Diocesan Board of Education also approved a new policy which stated that:

“Prioritise its resources towards supporting and facilitating the growth of Church of England MATs across the diocese

Adopt a more pro-active, positive stance towards the academy programme, encouraging the development of the existing CofE MATs and supporting the creation of new Primary school MATs across the diocese”