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Diocesan Affiliation Scheme

Many schools without church school status have asked if provision might be made for a more ‘official’ way of recognising the link between the Diocese and their school.

Our Affiliation Scheme is for all Schools and Academies located within the Diocese of Rochester and is part of new initiative by the Board of Education in response to the fast changing educational landscape of our current times.

The Affiliation Scheme is designed as a way of recognising and building on the many productive relationships that exist between parish churches and their local schools.

The Affiliation Scheme is essentially a non-binding (no legal implications) three-way working relationship where school, parish and diocese work together for the benefit of children and families in our communities.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Diocesan Affiliation Scheme, it is administered by the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education.

In the first instance, one of the Education Team will make an initial visit to discuss the implications for your school and your community of seeking to join the Diocesan Affiliation Scheme and normally, subject to commitments and assurances the Partnership Agreement can be signed by all three partners.

Affiliation Scheme Summary 

Affiliation Scheme Partnership Agreement