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Religious Education

Religious Education in Rochester Church of England schools

  • In Voluntary Aided schools, the Governors agree what will be taught in RE so they can adopt the Diocesan syllabus  and this is recommended by the Diocese

  • In Voluntary Controlled schools, the Bromley/Bexley/Medway/Kent locally agreed syllabus depending on the local authority in which the school is located must be followed

  • For academies, this is dictated by the status of your school before conversion (the ‘as is’ principle)

From September 2018, new syllabus materials have been implemented in all our church schools.   These are based on a set of resources called "Understand Christianity" supplemented by Diocesan guidance on the other major world faiths.   

For VC schools, these materials support what is being taught through their locally agreed syllbuses.   

For VA schools, the new materials form the basis of the new Diocesan syllabus together with materials for teaching and learning for the other world faiths. 

All of the materials you need should have arrived over the summer break of 2018 and were on a USB stick.   

If you have any questions about this please contact