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John Constanti

John Constanti

Diocesan Director of Education  

John leads the Education Team based at the Diocesan Office in Rochester.  He is responsible for:

  1. the strategic leadership for the planning and structural development of all Church of England schools and academies across the Diocese of Rochester.
  2. advising, supporting and guiding all Church schools and academies on issues relating to governance, admissions, property, finance and capital funding to ensure that Church schools and academies remain sustainable and meet the needs of their communities
  3. the planning and development of Church school organisation projects and initiatives including the introduction of academies, free schools, federations and collaborative partnerships across the Diocese
  4. liaising with schools over improvements and the maintenance of premises and advising on any potential funding streams.

John has served as a governor at six Church schools.   He has 34 years' experience, both in this Diocese and the Diocese of Southwark, in working with schools across the difference phases of education, and advising on wide-ranging educational matters. 

He can be contacted on : 01634 560019

Email :

St. Nicholas Church,
Boley Hill,