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 Diocesan Director's Newsletter - April, Summer Term 2017

21st April 2017

Dear Colleague

Welcome back and I hope you had a good break and was able to enjoy the Easter holiday.

As I write, another General Election has just been announced so it will be interesting to see whether education and schools is a central topic of the election this time round. 

The election will mean the delay of the new White Paper following the DFE consultation held in the Autumn term so we will have to wait until after 8th June to see what policy changes will come as a result of the election.

We were delighted to hear the news that a new Church of England Primary School was approved at Rochester Riverside in Medway and we look forward to seeing this school open in 2020.
'Finding Strength and Building Sustainable Leadership'
South-East Regional Leadership Conference - 26th May
We are looking for twenty leaders from our own Church schools to attend this event with us next month so that our diocese is well represented at this regional conference.

The conference is designed to provide opportunities for Church school leaders to think about their role in developing the Christian ethos of your school so some of you may find this a useful focus or driver for improvement. There will be opportunities to share good practice and also develop school networks across the three dioceses in the south-east.

For more details of the conference, the keynote speakers and best practice workshops and to book places click here More details can be found in the letter that can be downloaded at the bottom of this newsletter.

If you are interested in attending or think that one of your senior leadership team would benefit from taking part, do get in touch please. 

Church of England Vision for Education Resources - Video clips
We will be looking at the new CofE education vision at the next Heads & Chairs conference in June, however in the meantime you may want to look and share with your staff a collection of videos from the keynote speakers from the national conference available here

Heads & Chairs Briefings
Please note that next term, both sessions will be breakfast briefings starting at 8.30am at the following venues:

Thursday 8th June -  St Benedict's Centre, West Malling (new venue) - 8.30 - 10.30am
Friday 9th June - Diocesan Offices, Rochester - 8.30am - 10.30am

Please book your places by e-mailing Teresa Spearink at the Diocesan office in the normal way so we can cater for numbers.

Understanding Christianity - Training sessions for governors
We will be running some further training sessions on the new Understanding Christianity resources in the Autumn term specifically for governors on the following dates:

Monday 16th October  at  4.30 pm at the Diocesan Offices
Tuesday 21st November at 4.30 pm at the Diocesan Offices.
The cost for this course is £30 plus VAT (£36) - please contact Teresa Spearink at the Diocesan offices to book places.

Induction Training for Foundation Governors
The next induction session for newly appointed Foundation Governors takes place on the 15th May at the Diocesan offices starting at 4.30pm. Please contact Teresa Spearink to book places.

Education Service & Garden Party - Wednesday 28th June 2017

This year, we will be changing the arrangements for this service and inviting all our Church schools to send a number of representatives from your staff to join us for the service in the cathedral.

You will have received a letter of invitation this week asking you to name the members of staff who will be coming to the service and nominate any member of staff that you would like to acknowledge for their contribution to the Christian ethos of your school. A copy of the reply form is available here.

Diocesan Education Advisers & Associates
Many schools will be looking to organise the arrangements for next year's performance management for headteachers and/or source a school improvement adviser to work with next academic year.

If you are thinking of using one of our Education Advisers over the course of the year for school support or for Headteacher appraisal, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so this can be arranged in good time. You can see the pen portraits of our Education Advisers on our website here

With all good wishes for the term ahead

Alex Tear
Director of Education






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